Friends of the Fleet of Flowers
Fleet of Flowers
The Fleet of Flowers is the work of many people, who help in many ways.
We'd like to take a moment to thank those who have contributed to this magnificent annual event.


star_2 City of Depoe Bay
star_2 Depoe Bay Coast Guard
star_2 Depoe Bay Fire Department
star_2 Gacie's Sea Hag
star_2 Pacific Seafood
star_2 Graziano
star_2 Dairy Fresh
star_2 Franz Bakery
star_2 Pirates Coffee
star_2 Pepsi
star_2 Grey Whale Gifts
star_2 Purple Starfish
star_2 Sea Breeze Bakery and Deli
star_2 Waves End
star_2 Depoe Bay Winery
star_2 The Carrolls
star_2 Tauton Family
star_2 Debbie Meta
star_2 Tanya York
star_2 Linda Tautons
star_2 Charlie and Gwen Bates
star_2 Michael Dane
star_2 Brady Weidner
star_2 Grey Whale Gifts
star_2 Zephyrus
star_2 Ken and Joann White
star_2 World Mart
star_2 Mountain Coffee Co.
star_2 O'Connell Gallery
star_2 Joan E Gifts
star_2 Mckenzie Brewing Co
star_2 Converge
star_2 Center Market
star_2 Mazatlan
star_2 Ainslee's Taffy
star_2 Ace Hardware Lincoln City
star_2 Kenny's IGA
star_2 Salishan
star_2 Restaurant Beck
star_2 Gerber Tire
star_2 Jim and Judy Finkbiner
star_2 Tide Pool
star_2 Bay House
star_2 Mor Art
star_2 Red Cock
star_2 Freed Gallery
star_2 Kenny's IGA
star_2 Starbucks
star_2 Tradewinds
star_2 Gerber Tire
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