About The Fleet of Flowers
Fleet of Flowers
View of the bridge over Depoe Bay, during Fleet of Flowers

The Fleet of Flowers is an annual event, happening each Memorial Day since 1945. It is to honor those who have been lost at sea. The event has grown over the years to include members of the Armed Forces as well as fishermen and firefighters who gave their lives to serve others.

A parade of wreath and flower-bedecked boats passes under the Highway 101 bridge, which is lined with spectators. The vessels head just offshore where they form a circle. As they place their flowers in the water a military helicopter drops a wreath in their midst.

The ceremony was started to remember two local fishermen - Roy Bower and Jack Chambers - who died while trying to rescue a troller caught in a storm. The harbor-side service takes place each Memorial Day.

This website is dedicated to the promotion and support of this wondrous and moving event. Here you will find pictures of and information about it, and thanks to those who have contributed to the its continued success.

The Fleet of Flowers organization is operated by volunteers. All money donated goes to producing the event. We are a 501-C-4 organization, a tax-exempt organization that promotes civic and community welfare, the number will be provided on request. Our mailing address is PO Box 1316, Depoe Bay, OR 97341.

For more information please call the Depoe Bay Chamber of Commerce at 541-765-2889

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